Italy is a beautiful country and Italian a beautiful language.

Knights languages have designed a brilliant formula to make learning the language fun. Experiencing the wonderful food and learning about the culture makes the challenge of learning Italian easier. The classes are relaxed and informal and the support offered between classes is excellent - you will really want to visit Italy when the course finishes!



An amazing course and after consolidating what I’ve learnt, I am looking forward to the Intermediate course. Ginevra is fabulous!



I enjoyed the beginner’s course so much I’m doing it again, and can’t wait for the intermediate course to start! Ginevra is a brilliant teacher - she is enthusiastic, obviously passionate about sharing Italian language and culture, and also very good at building your confidence in your abilities. Being taught by a native Italian speaker is also a real plus, helping you get the correct pronunciations and learn how real Italians speak.


"I have just completed the Beginner's Italian Course run by Knight's Languages and would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone.

The format of the lessons is different to the boring way of studying at a school or college. Ginevra introduces you not only to the beautiful Italian language but also to some of the rich culture and customs of this wonderful country.

I thoroughly enjoyed the course. Ginevra's passion for her country is infectious and I can't wait to continue on to the Intermediate level."


Banbury course

'I've tried language courses before but this one is different. Without getting bogged down with grammar early on, Ginevra's ten carefully planned lessons on the Beginners Italian course are designed to make you confident in all the things you need to know to get about in Italy. Greeting, introducing family, numbers, ordering in a bar or restaurant, buying in different shops, checking in to a hotel, finding your way about, telling the time, and more! Ginevra's enthusiasm for Italy shines through in the last ten minutes of each lesson when she introduces us to the culture of Italy - whether it be cities, music or food. Highly recommended!'


Banbury course

If you are looking to enrich your knowledge of the Italian language and wonder if you might be found wanting in some way, fear not because if you are willing to try something a bit different then Knight's languages are the people for you. Here you will find the lovely Italian ladies who work with you at your own pace and who will do all they can to make the Italian experience one that you will thoroughly enjoy. They don't stop at the language, they take you on visual experiences and excursions across Italy from the the shores of Sicily to the mountains of the Alps, even more you get to be shown how to cook the Italian way, well worth the effort on this alone! Go on try it, you won't regret doing so!


Brackley course

Italian taught in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.

Ginevra teaches with such passion not only the language but the culture and cuisine of this beautiful country.

She goes above and beyond to support our learning and enjoyment not only at each session but throughout the whole 10 weeks and beyond.

We cannot recommend it enough and really look forward to continue learning Italian.

Anita & Bob

Buckingham course

I have loved every minute of the beginners' Italian course.

I have learned so much in the last ten weeks and love that I can have little conversations in Italian now. It really is a beautiful language. It was all so relaxed and fun and I loved the culture bit at the end of each class too. A lovely touch. Thank you so much Ginevra. Your enthusiasm and loveliness is infectious.x 


Bicester course

I have just completed the beginner’s course in Brackley and for anyone looking to learn Italian it is a fabulous introduction! Ginevra is enthusiastic, passionate and great fun (and she and her able assistant Giulia make a great double act). The classes are informal and friendly - a mixture of learning the language, practising with fellow students and learning about different aspects of Italian places and culture. There is a bit of eating and drinking too and we even had to make pasta for our homework one week! I finished the course feeling confident that I had mastered the basics and am now ready to start the Intermediate course in the autumn - can't wait to get back to it in a couple of months. Grazie mille Ginevra!


Brackley course

"Ginevra is a lovely person whose love of her country and language is very communicative. The beginner's course starts from the very basics (meeting people) and goes through many situations you can encounter if you visit Italy (or just want to impress an Italian colleague!). The weekly hour goes by so quickly, chatting in Italian with the words and expressions you've just learned and getting a deeper knowledge of the Italian culture. The online support during the rest of the week is also very useful to keep practicing between sessions. I just can't wait to start the intermediate course now!"


Brackley course

Having wanted to learn Italian for so long I must say that I could not have had a better teacher. Ginevra is a lovely person and so passionate about everything Italian that it rubs off on you and she is very welcoming and friendly.

Every class was full of content and at the end of each one was the added bonus of seeing some of the beautiful architecture, hearing about the culture and on some evenings, a taste of the wonderful food you can expect in Italy. The format Ginevra uses is brilliant, there is no pressure, it is relaxed and fun but very informative. The support between each class is excellent and if you have any questions she is always there to help. A perfect course for beginners as well as those with a little knowledge. I feel very confident that I will be able to use all I have learned on my next trip to Italy. Thank you Ginevra.


Banbury course

Loved the course - it was really great to have the chance to try the food and drink and learn more about the culture. This was a course with a difference - informal, fun and friendly.


Bicester course