Our Story

We’ve loved every minute of our journey

An Idea Is Born

Knights Languages was formed by Ginevra Giles in 2017 to share her passion for languages and learning. Ginevra is a native Italian, educated in travel and tourism in Italy, before moving to the UK where she has been living and working for over 20 years.

Knights Languages started with social, easy learning, Italian evening classes for holiday makers and people who love Italy, and who wish to learn something new. Since then they have run many successful classes across different counties in the UK. In its first year Knight Languages has had over 250 students, with many glowing reviews, and with a large number of students returning to continue their studies. 

Knights Languages has added two qualified English Teachers to the team to develop a range of courses specifically aimed at adult foreign language students wishing to learn English for professional or business reasons.

The courses are UK residential courses for small groups of students, utilising intensive learning in a classroom environment, combined with social, and day to day interactions with English speakers in real world situations. The courses can be tailored to meet the student’s personal needs, with a variety of levels from beginner to advanced, and can also be made industry specific.

Knights Languages are pleased to be able to work with groups, or employers to offer bespoke packages to tailor the course to your specific learning requirements, and budgets. From varying the length of the course, arranging different standards of accommodation (from homestay to hotels), and also including industry specific learning and even relevant excursions/experiences.

We are very excited that you are interested in our Italian journey.

It may be that you have some knowledge of the Italian language already or you may have been to Italy on holiday, or simply dream of living there one day. Either way our lessons are designed to help you speak  Italian,  on a basic or an intermediate level, so that you can get by in Italy or enhance your existing skills. You will also gain knowledge of Italy, learn all about its history, culture, food tradition and so much more... well as much as we can fit in our 10 lesson  courses.

We plan to make your lessons exciting and very unique by introducing you to genuine Italian food and drinks too, we won't spend the all lesson banging on about boring grammar, but we will use some of our time to practice with an Italian speaker and also show you different videos and photos of Italy.

You will also have access to either private social media and/or email groups to aid you, share ideas, get help with lessons, videos and much more on a daily basis.